How To Fix Invalid Object Name - Database Context - In SQL Server

 Well, this becomes the most used and seen error in SQL Server if you are working as a database developer or a DBA. Additionally, most of you must already be aware of the situation of how to react when you see the error as “Invalid object name”. But there are places where some of you may get hung on what next when you see the error.

The fix for the error – Invalid object name, due to database context is pretty straight forward. Most of the users who explore SQL Server initially will come to use the GUI more than using the script itself.

Here, there are chances that you might have opened a new instance that selects the master database by default but fetching the records of your desired kind. So, the user may just think of havoc in this situation.

For demonstration purposes, I have created a table as [testing] and trying to run in master. So, we are obvious here that we are going to get the error as – invalid object name, as we are in the wrong database. 

Fix Invalid Object Name SQL Server 1


Immediately I changed the database name to the database where my table exists, the error is gone. 

Fix Invalid Object Name Database Context SQL Server 2

Always make sure to check the database context while opening a new database instance as they tend to open the master database by default. 

If the issue still persists, then it could be due to IntelliSense Cache not refreshed. Please click here for a fix.

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