How To Clear IntelliSense Cache In SQL Server

While I was working with one of my DBA friends, we got into a topic wherein the SSMS was giving the “invalid object name” error even though the instance was correctly selected. Suddenly, the fix just ran into my mind. The error related to the database context can be due to the unrefreshed IntelliSense Cache. The IntelliSense Cache is not automatically refreshed in SQL Server. It is important to refresh the IntelliSense Cache manually.

The red underline of the database object that you have created may sometime freak you though you are connected to the correct database. This confusion is illustrated in a simple manner with a simple fix to clear the IntelliSense Cache.

Demonstration of a similar situation of the red line on the object names.

Step 1: Created a table as “Day” in one of my databases

Step 2: Dropped the table “Day”

Step 3: Trying to re-create the table with same name as “Day”. 

Clear IntelliSense Cache SQL Server

From the image, if you note that the object name shows a red underline with the tag as the object name already exists. This is purely the issue related to the IntelliSense Cache

To check IntelliSense Cache enabled or not in your SSMS.

Step 1: Click on “Query” option from Top Taskbar.  

Step 2: Check if the “IntelliSense Enable” option is highlighted as shown in the image. If the option is highlighted, which means the feature is enabled. 

Clear IntelliSense Cache SQL Server 2

Let’s check how to refresh the IntelliSense Cache manually. 

FIX 1: Through keyboard commands

Simply press Ctrl + Shift + R on your keyboard

FIX 2: Through GUI

From top menus bar, click on “Edit” à “IntelliSense” à “Refresh Local Cache”

Clear IntelliSense Cache SQL Server 3


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