Fixing CTRL+R Show/Hide Control Pane in SQL Server

To be straight forward, I experienced the issue of CTRL+R not working all of a sudden. As per my personal experience, this happens when there are multiple instances opened with different servers connected in respective instances. Additionally, the same issue of results not getting vanished using CTRL+R could be due to computer formatting. Once the computer is formatted or if there is a windows patching update, the settings may get changed. Not to panic about it. Here is a simple fix for the show/hide control pane result tab using the CTRL+R option in SQL Server.

Steps for Fixing Show/Hide pane in SSMS

1. Go to option “Tools”..
2. Click on “Options” to get a new window popped with more options.
3. On the left side tab, click on the option “Keyboard” to populate more options.
4. Set the mapping scheme keyboard to default (Default)
5. Tap the “Reset” button for the fix.

Take a look at the screenshot:


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