How to resolve error “The local device name is already in use” in SQL server?

This happened very recently to me when I set up a job to fetch resource from a local machine, which caused the error as “The local device name is already in use”. Now, looking at the error we may find it very straight-forward to know that that there is a resource which is using the local device path. Further, if we are setting up two jobs or running a command, to fetch the same resource at a time, then there are high chances to get the error message.

 A simple way to fix the error could be either to change the schedule in the job or run the session/process in odd timings. Here are the steps to schedule the job timings.
  1. Right click on the job and select “Properties”.
  2. Under properties select “Schedules” option.
  3. Double click the step name under“Name” option to open the schedules.
  4. Now setup the schedules accordingly.
Now, let’s see a sample schedule setup for a job in the screenshot below.


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